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Governance and Policies.

Catholic Ladies’ College adheres to the Democratic Principles as required by the VRQA for School Registration. As per our Statement of Commitment to Australian Democratic Values, Catholic Ladies’ College supports and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy in its programs and teaching.

Governance and Board of Directors

Catholic Ladies’ College is an incorporated entity of which MAEL is the sole member and as such is governed by a Board of Directors who ensure a strategic approach to the College’s future. The Board is comprised of community-minded individuals, passionate about the education of girls. They use their extensive and diverse skills and experience to make Catholic Ladies’ College a story of unlimited possibilities. It is a story of empowerment, inspiration and opportunity.

The College Principal is accountable to the College Board of Directors, and the College Board reports to Mary Aikenhead Education Limited in relation to:
- Mission, Vision and Values
- Catholic Identity
- Strategic Planning
- Leadership Development and Formation
- Performance Development and Management
- Key Leadership Appointments at the College
- Financial Management and Capital Expenditure
- Property Transactions

Child Safety

Catholic Ladies’ College fundamental responsibility is the care, safety and wellbeing of all students whilst in our care. There is a moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for all our students. Catholic Ladies’ College College is committed to the protection of all our students from all forms of abuse. The College has a universal expectation for the protection of young women. It is resolutely committed to ensuring that all staff promote their inherent dignity and fundamental right to be respected and nurtured in a safe environment.

To this end, we have developed a Child Safety Program made up of work systems, practices, policies and procedures designed to maintain a child safe environment and to embed an organisational culture of child safety within the College community. Click below to access the related documents: