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2022 — 2027

External View.
Due for completion June 2024.

Stephanie Evans

From our Principal.

I’m excited to present our masterplan. This overview sets out the vision for our masterplan and how we’re planning to deliver it over the coming years. As our school grows, we know our students and teachers will need more space to create, learn and connect.

We believe a successful masterplan balances a mixture of refurbishments and new buildings. We are proud that Stages 1 and 2 will be completed before the end of 2023 to enable our current students to benefit from these upgraded spaces as much as future students will.

Stage 3 is due to commence in April this year and will be a major 3 story building project that will bring the corner of our campus to life, seamlessly integrating with the beautiful surroundings of our leafy Eltham campus.

Student Voice has played a huge part in the creation of this Masterplan and their voice and ideas have been front and centre through the design process. I’m proud to be part of a school with a strong sense of belonging, where students can see their future and make it happen. And I look forward to seeing the difference these new spaces will deliver for the students, teachers and CLC community of tomorrow.

View our Masterplan overview.

Stage 1

Completed in 2022, Stage 1 brought Student Voice into action and enabled us to re-imagine spaces with a focus on connection post COVID. Community Hubs were created to give our Year 7, 8,10 and 11 students a greater sense of belonging and connectedness.

Community Hub.
Community Hub.
1 -

If COVID taught us anything, it is that connection is at the heart of life. Our new Year 7, 8 ,10 and 11 Community Hubs are a hive of activity before and after school with informal style seating designed to spark conversation and are a popular choice for modern learning that embraces collaboration.

Stage 1 includes — Year 7 Community Hub, Year 9 Community Hub, Year 10 Community Hub, Year 11 Community Hub.

Project Completion Date — January 2022. Building Project Value — $300,000.

Our founding sisters had the foresight to build wide corridors that not only houses our modern new student lockers but enables the flow without congestion.


Stage 2

Commenced in 2022, Stage 2 focuses on bringing our new Creative Arts and Design Precinct to life. CLC has a strong culture of creative arts, and we’re now able to offer modern spaces to enhance the classroom experience and encourage cross-curricular learning opportunities.

Podcast studio.
Empowering podcasting.
Fashion in focus.
Framing modern art.
Setting the stage.
1 -

Stage 2 includes — Podcast studio, fashion design studio, two art studios, dance and drama studio (including performance space), entryway connecting the new Creative Arts Precinct to the north end of the campus, landscaping and outdoor seating space.

Project Completion Date — December 2023. Building Project Value — $2.5 million.

Australia has overtaken the US as the world’s biggest podcast-listening nation. The future of podcasting is lively and filled with potential. We are thrilled to introduce our new industry standard podcast studio, which provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain real-world experience right here on campus.

Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation, from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. As technology continues to evolve, our renovated Studio provides the perfect environment for students to explore innovations alongside the fundamentals of fashion.

After many years our much-loved art studios have been completely reimagined for how students learn today. Open plan, filled with natural light and featuring multiple teaching points and new technology, everything has been considered to allow students to explore their creativity.

Our school has an enviable reputation for dance and drama and now those disciplines have been moved from a corner of the campus into its creative heart. This brand-new studio will be equipped with the latest in light and sound technology and can easily double as a black box theatre ready for brilliant performances by our students.


Stage 3

Commencing in 2023, Stage 3 is the keystone of our masterplan with a major three-storey extension. Partnering with Law Architects, we are proud to create spaces that reflect the changing way students learn and for staff to design a curriculum that builds on critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

External view.
Year 9 Cohort Commons.
Media Pod.
Presentation Space.
1 -

External view of Stage 3 building. Forms, materials and tones complement the landscape.

Stage 3 includes — Year 9 Community Hub, media (film and photography) studio, visual communications studio, tech pod, presentation space, 4 general learning classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, outdoor connection spaces.

Project Completion Date — June 2024. Building Project Value — $10 million.

Every learning space has been designed to maximise sunlight and views.

Space for students to work together in small groups.

Natural light and natural materials connect this open space to the landscape.


Stage 4

Commencing in 2024, Stage 4 looks ahead to build a strong future for sport, wellbeing and continued innovation.

Innovation Studio.
1 -

A space for all classes, with everything students need to explore design thinking.

Stage 4 includes — Student wellbeing precinct, gym upgrade and extension, innovation studio.

Future thinking.

These new spaces will allow our students to create and connect. We’re excited to bring this masterplan to life and we will keep you updated along the way.