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It’s much more than the final result. There are many reasons why young women choose CLC for their secondary education.

Why CLC?

We challenge our students to be the best version of themselves and to think about the impact they want to have on the world.

Personalised approach

We are purposefully a medium size school with big opportunities. Our smaller class sizes enable a personalised approach to education where every student is heard and inspired.

Student voice

We empower our students to influence change. We encourage our students to share their ideas, contribute to the decision-making process and impact the outcome.

A sanctuary for learning

Our campus blends modern learning environments with state-of-the-art co-curricular facilities. Our eight hectare campus is sheltered from busy roads which creates a unique sanctuary for learning and wellbeing.

An all girls education

Research shows that girls at single-gender schools achieve better results in numeracy and literacy testing, as well as tertiary entrance scores than their co-ed counterparts. Girls at single-sex schools also feel less pressure to fulfil traditional gender stereotypes, whether in subject or career choices.

Life beyond school

We challenge students to make deep connections between what they learn and the world around them. We aim to develop a strong sense of self awareness and a broad world view. By creating opportunities to explore and champion justice, we enable students to participate in a word far beyond the school gates.

Inspiring alumnae

A network of inspiring alumnae who have gone on to achieve great things whilst paving the way for the next generation. We are proud to invite many of our alumna back each year to mentor our current students and share their insights.

Attributes of a CLC student

CLC is a place of heart and the values we instill define our school – and, in turn, the character of our students.


To have courage is to face an uncertain future – with strength. Our school develops that strength within each person, ready for a changing world. We are adaptive, ambitious and spirited. We are confident, brave and bold.


The natural environment of our campus reflects the authentic quality of our people. We genuinely care. We are open with one another, and we take pride that when our students leave, they do so with integrity.


We believe in cultivating compassionate leadership. That begins with the way every student is known, heard, respected and valued. We seek to understand one another, to support one another, and to lift up one another to be our best.


This is the foundation behind our approach to education. Creative thinking. Emotional intelligence. Knowledge and experience. For us, wisdom means not just learning about the world, but learning about yourself.