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Our learning programs are designed to support our students as they move through each year level with confidence. From Year 7 to 12, we promote individualised learning to help students achieve their personal best.

Year 7


Year 7 is a time of great excitement and change in which our students study subjects from all strands of the Victorian curriculum. Literacy and numeracy are emphasised, along with a broad range of topics to develop creative, digital and communication skills. These include the study of two languages (Indonesian and Italian), an exciting science program and a specialist music, art and technology program. Students also have the opportunity to be part of our Year 7 Band program.

Year 8


Year 8 is a time of discovery when students deepen their understanding of themselves as learners and how best they work. Students broaden their horizons through communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Everyone studies a comprehensive core curriculum and participates in four electives each semester: drama, visual art, robotics and food technology.

Year 9


We guide our Year 9 students to become independent by taking more ownership of their learning experience. By participating in flexible and challenging projects, our students enhance their problem-solving skills and ability to work collaboratively. The broad range of electives in Year 9 includes fabric, fashion and design, digital app design, music, photography and 3D digital design.

Year 10


Year 10 is the springboard to a successful VCE. As part of the core curriculum, all students complete Units 1 and 2 of VCE Religion and Society, enabling students to develop the learning skills essential for VCE success. Students also have the opportunity for acceleration by choosing an additional Unit 1 and 2 VCE subject as part of their elective program. Other Year 10 electives include biotechnology, coding, history and forensic science.

Year 11


In preparation for life beyond secondary school, Year 11 students choose the learning pathway that best suits their individual interests and capabilities. Students have the opportunity to apply for Accelerated Studies Extension Program to study a Year 12 (Unit 3 & 4) subject. Our students choose from a comprehensive range of subjects across the academic disciplines of Commerce, English, Visual Art, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Health, Sport, Languages, Humanities and Performing Arts.

Year 12


Year 12 is the culmination of a student’s secondary education. During this final year, students consolidate the knowledge, skills and values they have developed since Year 7.
In preparation for life beyond secondary school, students prepare to achieve their careers aspirations and put plans in place to achieve those dreams with a comprehensive Careers Program.