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History of CLC

The Sisters of Charity founded Catholic Ladies’ College in East Melbourne in 1902, and moved the school to its present eight-hectare, tree-lined setting in Eltham in 1971.


Catholic Ladies’ College is part of the education ministry under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries (MAM), named after the founder of the Sisters of Charity. We continue to provide quality education for young women in the tradition of these founding Sisters.  The education ministry is governed by an incorporated Board; Mary Aikenhead Education Limited (MAEL) of which MAM is the sole member.


As a MAM college, Catholic Ladies’ College aims to serve the community by providing a high-quality Catholic education within the wider context of Catholic Education in Australia.


Mary Aikenhead Education is also steward to the College, providing leadership in mission, advancing Catholic education, supporting, and promoting the charitable efforts of the College, and strengthening the commitment to educating girls in the Catholic tradition.

Catholic Ladies’ College is committed to the mission of Mary Aikenhead Ministries, enacting the values of love, hope, compassion and justice through the governance structure of the College.


Catholic Ladies’ College is an incorporated entity of which MAEL is the sole member and as such is governed by a Board of Directors who ensure a strategic approach to the College’s future. The Board is comprised of community-minded individuals, passionate about the education of girls. They use their extensive and diverse skills and experience to make Catholic Ladies’ College a story of unlimited possibilities. It is a story of empowerment, inspiration and opportunity.

The College Principal is accountable to the College Board of Directors, and the College Board reports to Mary Aikenhead Education Limited in relation to:

  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Catholic Identity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development and Formation
  • Performance Development and Management
  • Key Leadership Appointments at the College
  • Financial Management and Capital Expenditure
  • Property Transactions

Catholic Identity and culture

Our students come to know the Catholic tradition within the context of a multi-faith and multicultural world in Religious Education programs.


Prayer, liturgy, retreats and reflection days help to nurture personal faith and communal spirituality. This includes access to beautiful spaces specially designed to foster a spiritual connection and provide a calming environment for meditation. We often celebrate together to mark important events and occasions throughout the school and liturgical year.

A spiritual community

Catholic Ladies’ College is a Mary Aikenhead Ministry in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity. We seek to develop in each member of our community a contemporary understanding and application of the charism of Mary Aikenhead, the spirituality of the Sisters of Charity, the mission and vision of Mary Aikenhead Ministries and their values of justice, love, compassion and hope.

Mary Aikenhead Ministries

In 2009, the Holy See established Mary Aikenhead Ministries (MAM), to oversee and expand the Sisters’ various health, aged care, education and social services ministries. Through MAM, the work of the Sisters would grow and flourish through the transition to lay leadership. The Sisters of Charity contribute their presence, experience, involvement, wisdom and spirituality in the collective enterprises of MAM, including Catholic Ladies’ College.

Mary Aikenhead Ministries