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Holistic education and her personal development

In preparation for life beyond school, we challenge our students to make deeper connections between their school learnings and the world around them.


We aim to develop in them a strong sense of self-awareness and a broad world-view. By creating opportunities to achieve and champion justice within the global community, we enable students to participate in a world far beyond the school’s perimeters; to explore and engage on the global stage.

A spiritually-centred, inclusive community

We cultivate a learning environment that celebrates the diversity and unique capabilities of all within our community, regardless of culture, religion or background.


Our spiritual values of love, justice, hope and compassion are embedded in our history and within the daily life of our school informing our relationships to each other and the world. This spiritual foundation sits at the heart of everything we do. It shapes our values and style of education. It gives our students confidence and a sense of purpose, instilling in them empathy, generosity, inclusivity and a deep awareness of the world around them.

Benefits of all-girls education

We are proud of our expertise and innovation in all-girls’ education, which offers benefits over co-ed schooling. Research shows that girls at single-sex schools do better; producing better results in numeracy and literacy testing, as well as tertiary entrance scores, than their co-ed counterparts.

Girls at single-sex schools feel less pressure to fulfil traditional gender stereotypes, whether in subjects or career choices and feel empowered to participate competitively. So, whatever your daughter’s interests and unique abilities, we will empower and inspire her to reach her greatest potential.


(The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia)