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June 15, 2019 / News

Passionate about young voices being heard on the environment, CLC student, Nicola Tsiolis, has been selected as an Ocean Youth Ambassador.

When Nicola found out about the Ocean Youth program from her science teacher, it felt like an obvious next step to apply. Already CLC’s social justice and environment cocaptain, she is clearly passionate about representing her fellow students, in bringing about a great deal of positive environmental and social change. Add to that her ambitions to become a marine biologist and film maker, and, as she said, “it was such a crazy opportunity I could not turn away from”

The Ocean Youth program takes 20 inspired youth from Melbourne, Sydney and Mooloolaba and helps educate them in the underwater world through SEA LIFE aquaria and nature-based experiences.

Ambassadors are also provided with the skills and tools needed make a positive difference for our oceans, through various forms of media.

Ocean Youth Program,

Nicola will learn from experts in how to use social media to build her profile, campaign to create awareness on how to help save and protect marine life, and the greater environment. She will also be shown the foundation work on how to fundraise, and how to best use media, through video, audio, writing, and blogging, to create a compelling and sharable story.

Change comes about only if we work together, it’s about beginning with the grass roots. I don’t even have to state it, but if we don’t do something now the effects of our warming climate, our plastic pollution crisis and our lack of empathy for the world we inhabit; they will be irreversible.

- Nicola Tsiolis

Part of being an Ocean Youth Ambassador is thinking about creative solutions to big challenges and not being scared to have a go at implementing them. The initiative aims to provide these passionate young people the skills to become leaders and change-makers within our community. They will be given the space to engage on issues that threaten the future of the planet, to be heard, and to influence positive changes to save our oceans.

Nicola says, “I’m ambitious to be apart of this growing environmental awakening, it’s a positive revolution into a more sustainable, loving and positive future.”

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