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Full uniform list

Summer uniform – Term 1 and 4

  • Summer dress
  • Blazer
  • Years 7-10: Blue CLC jumper
  • VCE: Black CLC jumper
  • Mid-calf white socks
  • Black lace-up school shoes
  • College cap

Winter uniform – Term 2 and 3

  • Winter College skirt worn with black tights
  • College pants worn with black socks
  • White long sleeve College shirt
  • Years 7-10: Blue CLC jumper
  • VCE: Black CLC jumper
  • Blazer
  • Black lace-up school shoes

PE, Drama and Dance uniform

  • College track pants
  • College sports jacket
  • College polo shirt
  • College shorts
  • White College sports socks
  • Track shoes
  • College sports cap


  • College back-pack
  • College sports bag
  • Black College scarf (optional)
  • College rugby jumper (optional)

Second hand uniform list

The CLC Parents’ Association provides the opportunity for families to recycle uniforms that are no longer required while offering a benefit to those looking to reduce the cost of uniforms. All money raised from the sale of uniforms is used to benefit the students.


Many of the uniform items are in very good to excellent condition and sell for about half the price of new uniform items. The price list can be accessed by downloading the Second Hand Uniform price list.

  1. Download and read the Second Hand Uniform Sales Form and T&Cs
  2. Complete the Second Hand Uniform Sales Form
  3. Label each item with your name and attach the Second Hand Uniform Sales Form
Location and contact

Second hand uniform shop is located in the College Hall.

If you have any questions please email the Coordinator at