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Maintaining connections

The College has a strong focus on community, both past and present. Our Alumnae program encourages continuing friendships and the strengthening of old ties amongst past students and staff.


Alumnae maintain a lifelong connection to the College by their involvement in significant events held throughout the year. These include International Women’s Day, Founder’s Day, careers and pathways forums, mentoring opportunities and the Remembrance Mass.


We are very proud of our connections with Alumnae and value our close links with past students. We believe these connections are also inspirational for our current students.


5 and 10 year reunion 
Classes of 2013 and 2008
Friday, April 13
Class of 2016 Reunion
Thursday, August 2
20 year - Class of 1998
Saturday, August 18
30 year - Class of 1988
Saturday, October 27
40 year - Class of 1978
Sunday, September 16
50 year - Class of 1968
Saturday, October 13

CLC Connect

We encourage our Alumnae to register on CLC Connect, a directory where contact can be made with former classmates and old friendships renewed. Messages can be left via a bulletin, photographs of events viewed, a business directory can be accessed and Alumnae can register their interest in supporting mentoring programs with current students.


Please visit CLC Connect to discover all the available links.

Visit CLC Connect

Old Collegians

The Old Collegians’ Association was established in the early days at CLC in East Melbourne. Today, the Old Collegians’ Association co-ordinates two or three major social events each year for former students of both CLC, East Melbourne and Eltham. The purpose of the functions is to foster community spirit amongst College Alumnae, raise funds for special projects and to assist members of the College community in need.