Year 9

At Year 9 all students are involved in the two-day Healesville Program. The program is held at the Sisters of Charity owned facility, Comely Bank. Over the two-day program students are immersed in local indigenous history, they learn about the work of the Sisters and they visit Healesville Sanctuary. In addition, at Year 9, your daughter will further enhance her ICT skills with the College 1:1 laptop program where new technologies will support and augment learning and teaching.



Religious Education



Humanities - one period for Inquiry Based Program

Science - one period for Inquiry Based Program

Languages (German, Indonesian or Italian)

Physical Education & Health



Food Technology, Fashion/Textiles, Photography, Design In Technology, Digital App Design, Preparing Me To Be Me, Thinking Games, Music, Visual Arts and Drama.

*Students study four electives each semester (two each term)