Year 7

Year 7

The Transition Year

Year 7 is a year of excitement and adventure, a time for new beginnings and the opportunity to make new friends and extend friendship groups. 



To ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary schooling, Year 7 teachers work in an Integrated Learning Team. Homeroom groups have the same teacher for Pastoral Care and several other subjects. An interdisciplinary approach to these studies, using integrated topics, serves to engage, motivate and encourage deeper levels of understanding. This style of learning creates a bridge between primary and secondary school practice and provides an environment in which students feel connected and secure both socially and with their learning.


Year 7s enjoy an exciting Science program and are introduced to both an Asian and a European language. They explore a wide variety of media and creative experiences in the Visual Arts. A comprehensive music program provides opportunities for choral and instrumental musical experiences. Students are offered a wide range of sporting and physical activities in our multi-purpose courts, oval and gymnasium.


CLC has lots of new opportunities for me. When you go to school and you feel you are welcome and special, you find that you want to be there. I enjoy every day of going to school and learning not just about work, but about myself and what I love the most.

– Sarah Year 7