Student Services

Student Services

The College has a commitment to ensuring that learning and teaching programs are inclusive of all students and all needs.

Student Services provides a holistic program. It offers support for students with particular learning needs as well as counselling and support for students and families.

Counselling and wellness programs

We strive to provide a friendly atmosphere that allows young people to feel free to chat with the College Counsellors. A Counsellor is available at the College every day for students or parents who may wish to discuss issues. Parents are also welcome to contact Counsellors by phone.
To promote student wellbeing, a range of programs exists to foster a sense of connectedness to the College Community. These include: Peer Support, a Conflict Resolution Program and a weekly Circle of Friends.

Individual Learning Support

Learning support services are available for students with specific educational needs.  These are particularly focused on Mathematics and English support together with organization and planning skills. Assistance is provided via the classroom and by targeted interventions.
Additional help is available to students at lunchtime or at after school homework help sessions.
Students are supported in their learning with the latest computer technology and teaching programs.
For students pursuing more extended learning, programs have been initiated to challenge and stimulate their interest. These include: Toastmasters, Tournament of Minds, the da Vinci Decathlon, Maths Challenges and small group enrichment work.