Resource Centre

Resource Centre

The College Resource Centre is a place where Lifelong learning is nurtured and valued. The Staff are committed to providing an excellent learning environment for the CLC Community, assisting students to become independent researchers and to construct their own learning.



The Resource Centre staff work collaboratively with teachers to ensure that Information and Communication Technologies, information literacy skills and higher order thinking skills are embedded into the curriculum. Within the Resource Centre separate areas cater for students working within their class or undertaking individual research.


The Resource Centre strives to empower each student to understand and use technology in a discerning and critical way and to effectively access, process and communicate information. Our Catholic Ladies’ College intranet page provides a gateway to access a range of online electronic databases extending the diverse range of print and digital resources that reflect the Curriculum and cater for the breadth students’ learning needs and styles.


Students and staff have access to an extensive fiction and reference collection as well as current provision of online material. The Catholic Ladies’ College Resource Centre staff strive to foster a love of learning in all aspects of the College program.