Student Absentee Line

Student Absentee Line

CLC Student Absentee Line

9430 2020

In maintaining our standards of student welfare, parents are asked to ring the College by 9:30 am, if your daughter is going to be absent on a particular day.   Your daughter is expected to bring a note of explanation when she returns to school.  If you daughter is a VCE student who is absent for a SAC or SAT, she must provide a medical certificate upon her return to school.

All absentees are recorded by teachers in Homeroom and Period 1.  If the College has not received a telephone call or advanced notification, an SMS will be sent to one of the student’s parents to ask you to contact the College to confirm your daughter’s absence.

In support of the College’s absentee policy, parents are requested to call the absentee line 9430 2020.

The College recommends that you enter these details into your telephones for future reference.