Why A Girls’ School?

Why A Girls’ School?

Why A Girls’ School?


Research shows that there are “positive effects of single-sex schooling” in Australia in relation to numeracy and literacy testing and tertiary entrance scores.


In addition, research shows that girls benefit from single-sex environments where there are no expectations that they should fulfil traditional gender stereotypes in the subjects they study, the activities they participate in or the careers they pursue.


Girls attending girls’ schools are more confident and assertive in single-sex environments. Research demonstrates that girls feel empowered to behave in a more competitive way without the presence of boys. 


Girls in girls’ schools are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose, including in the ‘gender atypical’ areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Statistics show that girls from girls’ schools are more likely to study STEM at school and pursue university studies and careers in STEM fields.


The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia (AGSA) 


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