Research reveals that students’ social and emotional wellbeing is closely linked to them excelling at school. Students who are resilient, feel safe, are connected and have good social and emotional skills, are more likely to do well at school. 


Year 7 Transition begins with CLC staff visiting primary schools and talking to the enrolled grade 6 students as well as their teachers. The primary teachers also complete a transition form for each student which helps us to get to know them better.


A Pre Orientation Day gathering is held for any students who are the only ones coming from their primary school, helping link new “solo flyer” students with one another, making commencing CLC on their own a little less daunting.


New Year 7 students attend an Orientation Day in the December prior to beginning at CLC. Students meet their homeroom teacher and class mates, participate in ‘getting to know you’ activities, have a taste of two typical Year 7 classes, take a tour of the College and enjoy a BBQ lunch with their Year 10 Peer Support leaders. The Peer Support program supports the girls to develop their self-confidence, build relationships and enrich their overall enjoyment of school.


The first day of Term One is for Years 7 and 12 only, where Year 7s learn more about each other and meet and have fun with their Year 12 buddies.


Pastoral care and Interdisciplinary Studies’ programs are specially designed to support Year 7 students to settle into the College. They also do a work unit on what it means to belong to Catholic Ladies’ College.  Year 7 camp is another wonderful opportunity for girls to expand their friendship group, get to know each other and consolidate new friendships.


Building strong partnerships with our families also supports students through this time of change. It is terrific to see many parents attend the two parent information evenings and the welcome barbeque hosted by the Parents’ Association at the beginning of each year.