Mission Statement

Mission Statement

CLC was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1902 to educate, in partnership with parents, women of faith, integrity, individuality and compassion, confident of their own worth as women, and wholly involved in the transformation of society.


CLC strives to be:


A Learning Community

  •     where knowledge, ideas, imagination and creativity, and the pursuit of wisdom, are valued.
  •     where critical thinking and openness of mind are encouraged.
  •     where students and teachers share in a continuing process of learning and growth.
  •     where a desire for life-long learning is generated.
  •     where different learning styles are understood and respected.
  •     where individual success is encouraged, achievement affirmed and excellence appreciated.
  •     where students are empowered to live fulfilling and valuable lives, and to be leaders in a world of change.

A Spiritual Community

  •     where personal witness to faith is given.
  •     where the development of personal and communal spirituality is fostered through prayer, reflection and liturgy.
  •     where gospel values are given primacy.
  •     where the inner life of individuals is nourished.
  •     where the evangelising mission of the church is continued.

A Celebrating Community

  •     which values and confirms the uniqueness of the individual.
  •     which rejoices in the gifts and talents of its members.
  •     which treasures the gift of faith, the Catholic tradition, and our Sisters of Charity heritage.
  •     which is blessed in its friendship and collegiality.
  •     which holds in awe the uniqueness of our Australian environment and its indigenous culture.
  •     which never ceases to wonder at the gift of life and of creation.

A Prophetic Community

  •     whose foundational values are Christ-centred.
  •     where a critical awareness of social issues, and a concern for the under-privileged and the marginalised, are fostered.
  •     which believes that we are called to reveal God to the world and transform it.
  •     which affirms that we are stewards of creation.
  •     which embraces the future with courage, hope and joy.